Standard Twin Room

This is a centrally heated, en-suite Twin Room (two single beds), with Freeview  TV, FREE WiFi and coffee and tea making facilities. The room has a lovely view across the garden and to the River Severn. Across the river is a wooded area behind which, the Ironbridge Power Station is situated, whose 4 cooling towers we have been humorously told resemble the flower pots from "Bill and Ben".  If you are lucky you may see the deer herd, comprising a stag, does and fawns across the river. This room is comfortable, fresh and bright. This is ideal for friends or contractors who would like to divide the costs of visiting the beautiful village of Ironbridge and the surrounding attractions; see Home Page for more information.
  1. Twin Room Entrance
    Twin Room Entrance
  2. Bed 1
    Bed 1
  3. Bed 2
    Bed 2
  4. Bed with view of en-suite bathroom
    Bed with view of en-suite bathroom
  5. En-suite bathroom
    En-suite bathroom
  6. TV and Clothes Rail
    TV and Clothes Rail
  7. View